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This time the artist was Dad. Michael said, “Guys I am not in the mood for this!”


Michael and Larae Ramsey watching enviously as Bradley and Joey zoom around the track. Their poor little legs were too short.

So they found something that was more their size.

I promise, Erin and I did not make them do this!!! For some reason rough and tough (well actually not so tough) Michael understands that Larae is a fragile little girl and speaks to her in this sweet voice and likes to take her hand oh so gently and walk her places. I can’t say I don’t know where he gets it from… like father like son. Mr. Charming!

We have just started going through a catechism book with Michael. He’s catching on pretty quickly but sometimes his pronunciation is a little off.

Dad and Mom: Michael, who made you?

Michael: God

Dad and Mom: What else did God make?

Michael: Food. (not the desired answer but still correct)

Dad and Mom: And what else did God make?

Michael: All sings.

Dad and Mom: Yes, all THINGS.

Dad and Mom: Why did God make you?

Michael: For His Oreo.

Dad and Mom: Yes, that’s right, for His GLORY.

I hosted a “going away” lunch today for Nicole and Alex. This was taken right before we ate. As you can tell we had some hungry, uninterested kids

Cole, Alex, Grace, Larae, Michael, Ella

“Discipline your son, and he will give you rest; he will give delight to your heart.”

I read this verse today while doing my daily study through Ephesians. It’s not the first time I’ve read this verse but it’s the first time that reading it brought me great encouragement and an incredible desire to stay the course. When Michael was an infant we were quite disciplined with his schedule although at times it meant hearing him cry or being home when we didn’t want to be. As he grew into a pre-toddler we began to discipline him for certain things. This too was difficult at times. Now that he’s a full-fledged toddler 🙂 sometimes I find myself disciplining all day long. It can make a mother weary but when I read Proverbs 29:17 I was reminded of the rest and time for our marriage that we received by being disciplined with his schedule. I’m thankful for a report from my sister-in-law saying that Michael was fun to have for the day and can only thank God that he helped us have the courage to begin disciplining. And now, when we’re only at the beginning (I’m sure) of several years of training this verse encourages me to press on so that Michael will continue to “give delight to our hearts.”

Praise the Lord for His word that gives us wisdom in the discipline and instruction of our children.

What a delight!

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He’s pretty worried about getting chest hair so he started shaving.

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Michael loves music! He especially loves to listen to it by himself on the iPod. When I got out of the shower this morning this is how I found him. The iPod was off when I got in the shower and it was fairly out of sight. It was on and definitely in use (and blaring!) when I got out.


You may recall this post from a little over a year ago.

He seems to be getting a little better with the iPod.

Michael spent the weekend with my Mom and Stepdad last weekend while we were in Duluth. It was the first time he’s been away from us over night. I was so excited for Michael to spend the weekend in Wisconsin because I knew he would have more fun in a half hour there than he does in an entire week with me.

We met my Mom and her friend Val in Minneapolis and had lunch with Aaron’s Grandpa and Grandma Sage. When we put Michael in my Mom’s  van and said goodbye he didn’t even flinch… thanks to a Noah’s Ark toy. My Mom was ultra prepared as usual. I think she had more toys in her van than Michael owns. We’re told Michael was a good boy and lots of fun. It was strange being without him for the first hour but then… this could sound bad but here it goes… it seemed as though we were had never had him. We realized that it was only because we didn’t have to worry one bit about him. Thanks so much Mom and Craig!!

Here are some pictures courtesy of Grandma Connie and Grandpa Craig.












A few days before Michael turned one, Michelle started talking about establishing a tradition to celebrate our kids’ birthdays. We discussed making a certain type of food or going some place special. Well, Michael’s birthday has come and gone, and we never decided on a food or destination. We may end up doing that some day, but, in the meantime, we decided to start a tradition of Birthday Benedictions.

More details to come…

I took Michael for his 12 month check-up yesterday. He was not thrilled to be there. With each little thing the nurse did to him (nothing painful… checking his temp for example) he became more and more upset. By the time the doctor came in he had them figured out. He was fine and having a nice chat with her as long as she stayed seated right in front of him, without moving. As soon as she stood up to wash her hands he lost it. This back and forth continued with each phase of the examination. His doctor was so kind – she called him very smart and observant. I was thinking more like sensitive. 🙂 

Our little chunker seems to be thinning out a bit. 

Weight: 20lbs. 8oz – 50%

He’s growing in length steadily. 

Length: 29 3/4 inches – 50%

No wonder it took him so long to start crawling. Who can move with a melon this big?

Head: 19 1/4 inches – 97% 

When your smile can light up a room no one cares how big your head is. Besides, big head = lots of brains right? 


Michael had a great first birthday party! Before it got started he helped Dad and Uncle Greg with his first home improvement project.


Then it was time for his first taste of birthday cake.


Then he got to tear into some presents.

By that time he was one tired little one-year-old.


Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate with us. A big thanks to Grandpa and Grandma Karhoff, Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Karhoff and Uncle Greg and Aunt Erin Marie for making the trip. Michael is so blessed to have so many people who love him!!


Last weekend Aaron and I hosted our first holiday. My Mom, Stepdad, Sister and Brother-in-law came for the weekend to celebrate Easter with us. We were also able to celebrate the April birthdays in the family. Happy birthday Craig, Erin Marie and Michael!



I found this post saved in the drafts. Since we’re fast approaching Michael’s second Grandma’s Marathon, I thought I should get this one up. 


Last weekend Michael took his first trip to one of Grandpa Ted’s and Grandma Dawn’s favorite places – Duluth, MN.  Aaron has been going to Duluth for Grandma’s Marathon since he was 14 and this was my third year.  I ran the 5k on Friday night and Aaron and Ted ran the Half Marathon on Saturday morning. 

While Michael enjoyed watching people run (yawn),

he thought the best part was getting to hang out with Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Jake.  We told him that this would be his only year for relaxing in Duluth – next year he’s running the 5k!