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What to at Christmas do when you have 8 kids under age 3 in one family!

And this was not the first breakfast of the day! Doughnuts at 9:30 and it’s 10:55 now and Michael just said “Mom, I’m starving!” I feel like all I get done is feed these boys!! I can now sympathize w/ my poor mother and all the time she likely spent feeding me!!

It’s not Saturday but Daddy has the day off so we got doughnuts this morning.

Roman thinks he’s pretty big eating a bagel for breakfast like daddy!

Complete w/ a tv (the chalkboard).

Our 2011 Annual Report is now available under the Investor Information section of our blog. Alternatively, click here to view the pdf.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

I went down to the basement about an hour ago and found Roman like this. This has been a regular occurrence this week. I guess that’s what happens when you wake up at 5:45a and go without a nap the day before!!

Watching the Packers and Chiefs game. We like several teams in this house! ūüôā

Thanks Grandpa Mike and Grandma Rose for the cool uniforms!!

Me and Chubbs celebrating Christmas at grandpa Mike’s and Grandma Rose’s.

Having coffee and doing some reading with Dad.

Michael and Larae are in the same BSF class on Tuesday mornings. Last week the two oldest classes surprised the moms with a few songs before our lecture. Michael and Larae are front and center. Yes, they are holding hands and Erin and I had nothing to do with it. When Erin asked Larae about the performance later she said that she loved singing in front of everyone but she thought Michael was a little scared and said she didn’t want him to feel afraid. ūüôā

Dear Family & Friends

We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a truly meaningful Christmas season!

Before going any further, we have a HUGE favor to ask. Take 2 minutes and 38 seconds to watch this video.

If that didn’t move you, feel free to stop reading now.

For the rest of you “normal” people, we wanted to share how we have recently been rethinking the way we “do¬†Christmas”. There have been a number of contributing factors that have gotten us to this place. One of them being the video you just watched. A second, and more significant, being¬†Orphans of Teso (click¬†here).¬†

We recently got involved with the work of Orphans of Teso, contributing our time and talents to help the work of Children’s Hope Chest at the Bukedea and Ogoloi CarePoints in war-torn Uganda.¬†Although we haven’t been involved with Orphans of Teso for long, we have quickly realized how immense the needs are.¬†Having said that, much to our surprise, we have seen some very tangible, very attainable ways in which we¬†personally¬†can help meet these needs. In other words, we feel very energized and motivated, not overwhelmed. That gets us to the point of this email.

This year instead of spending our entire Christmas budget buying friends and family members gifts of questionable value (e.g. that tie that gets put in the back of the closet on Christmas day and makes its first and only appearance years later atop the Salvation Army pile), or, even worse, simply exchanging gift cards, we are purchasing the gift of clean drinking water for orphans and at risk children in Africa.

Specifically, we are buying $25 “shares” in the Orphans of Teso¬†Noel, No Well¬†project (click¬†here). Orphans of Teso needs about 200 of these $25 gifts (just over $5,000) to provide a well for clean drinking water for the children at the Bukedea CarePoint.¬†And we are taking a step of faith and asking you, our family and friends, to consider joining us in giving a¬†Christmas gift to Jesus this year!

Jesus told us in Matthew 25 that whenever we care for, clothe, or feed the least of his children, that we are doing so for Him. So, please join us this Christmas in giving to the least of these, God’s orphans in Uganda, and to Him‚Ķ the “Christ” in¬†Christmas.
Click this link and follow the instructions to give the gift of Noel, No Well. For the price of a DVD, Starbucks gift card, or Chia Pet, we ask you to join us in making a truly meaningful difference this Christmas!


Aaron, Michelle, Michael, Roman and Baby Sage