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Getting relaxed for movie night at Grandma’s and Papa’s house.


Got right to work fighting fires at Grandma Connie’s house.

Aaron and Michael relaxing Saturday night at one of our favorite restaurants – Bandit Burrito.

This is what happens at 9:00a when you begin your day at 5:15a!

Thanks to some creativity from Daddy the boys are taking a ride in their spaceship!

Oh boy were they excited!! I however could do without snow
completely…even at Christmas!!!

…and Eli’s sword. 🙂

Hanging out in their pj’s last night.

This is how she felt about it when I finally finished.

So excited for me to paint her fingernails!!

My niece Miss Bella spent the night last night. I was feeling pretty good about myself when the boys, Bella and I got inside the mall without any crying or anyone getting run over. Everyone was smiling and we were having a good time…for about 5 minutes. I then realized I had locked the keys in the car. 😦 Poor Aaron had to drive home, get the keys and turn around and come back. At least Michael could keep him company!

Roman and Bella hanging out, waiting for Aaron to return.

Some of the Sage cousins in their costumes Sunday night.

Roman and Juliann