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An after dinner mint if you will.

As Michael likes to call it…w/ the Ramsey kids.

Showing dad cards they received in the mail from Grandma Connie and Papa Craig.

Happy Birthday to my incredible husband and the best dad ever! You are the greatest gift apart from Jesus Christ I’ve ever received!!


Check out Mr. Chubbs 32 years ago with his Great Grandma Bonnell. What a cutie!!

This was totally his idea! He was helping Aaron clean out the drain and asked me for some tape.

Michelle Sage

It’s Monday morning and we’re sitting in a park near Navy Pier, drinking coffee, and enjoying the incredible weather.

The weather literally could not be nicer. What a perfect day!

Congratulations on an awesome finish Aaron!!! He just ran 26.2 miles and we walked probably 3 to our hotel! He’s pretty amazing if you ask me!!!

I missed him but he came in under his goal of 3:10 at 3:07!!!!!!

Michelle Sage

I think he was a little ahead of his pace group at mile 20.

Right w/ the 3:10 pace group. Hard to see but he’s in the grey shirt w/ LOF on the front!

This is for Rachel…this would have been our pace group! 😦

He’s on the other side of the street.

The boys w/ their cousin Bradley

Ready to go to the field with Uncle Greg

We met Grandma Sage and Aunt Jess, Bradley and Sydney at the apple orchard on Friday afternoon.

Michael telling a story as usual!

Grandma Connie and the grandchildren.

Last week we visited Aunt Erin and Bella while my mom was there.