No picture from dinner last night. Aaron had dinner with the team leader for the project so I took the boys out in the double jogger to get some dinner. I learned another lesson about London… there’s a reason I haven’t seen anyone with a double (wide) jogging stroller since being here! It doesn’t fit through any doors but larger grocery stores and American restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC (the two in this area). So we fumbled our way through the grocery store, knocking things over and running into people, and finally found something to bring home to cook. Some prepackaged pasta and sauce (Michael’s pick and quite good actually) for the boys and some roasted chicken legs and chickpea salad for me. I’m not sure if it was the fact that we were all starving by the time we got home and cooked the food or if it really was good food, but whatever the reason we gobbled it up in no time!