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One thing I really wanted to do in Paris is have a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower.


Michael didn’t care much for the baguette sandwiches in Paris. I however couldn’t get enough of them!

Pretty amazing!

Artists in front of Notre Dame

In front of a fence full of locks. We aren’t sure what the locks were for but they filled the fences on both sides of the bridge.

The boys were running around in front of Notre Dame when suddenly a group of four Asians spotted them and started pointing, laughing and making cutesy baby sounds, while approaching them. Then one woman scooped Roman up, motioning to her friends to take a picture of her with him. Then she passed him to her friend for another photo and the friend started kissing him. At that point he got freaked out and started crying so I grabbed him. Then the man in their group tried to grab him from me, obviously wanting his turn at a picture. When Roman would have nothing to do with it he went to Michael who ran for Aaron, beginning to cry. At that point I strapped Roman in the stroller, Aaron picked up Michael and we walked away. We were laughing but a little weirded out! 🙂 Quite an event!

Near our hotel in la Defense.

Michael attempting the classic holding up the Eiffel Tower photo.

The good news was we had a nice view

The rain got us!

This dessert was the best thing we ate in Paris!!

Happy we escaped the rain…this time anyway!

In a cafe just a few blocks from the Eiffel Tower. We walked in just in time for it to stop pouring! The food was awesome!

This was our first stop

This is what Michael did on the bus tour.