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Thanks to Aunt Amanda we captured Roman’s attack on the chocolate chip cookie.


What a great dad!!!

We were blessed to have TWO new nieces within a week! Aren’t they BEAUTIFUL!!!

Evelyn Sage Keil

Bella Constance Nicholas (and Daddy)

Two more girls for me to go shopping with!!!!!!!! 🙂

Eli was a very good listener as Michael taught him all about tools.

Michael got a bike and a helmet for his birthday and several times has insisted he needs it in the car. Aaron would probably say that says something about my driving! 🙂

They weren’t feeling much like a photo shoot that day!

Yes, this too was Easter. Michael got drilled in the head w/ a baseball by his…um…dad. 🙂

"helping" frost the cake

Construction/Building Theme

Trying out his presents from Addi and Abe

Somehow I only got video of Michael eating cake and opening presents. Oh well.

We visited my Dad on his birthday and celebrated the boys’ birthdays with them. Michael got a special t-shirt from Grandpa Mike!