Michael: (noticing me taking the rice out of the cabinet) Mom, is rice protein or carbohydrants?

Mom: carbohydrates.

Michael: Why are you making me carbohydrants?!?!? They aren’t good!!!

Mom: Some carbohydrates are good for you…

Michael: (interrupting) NO! Protein is good for my brain and makes my body healthy and strong!! Not carbohydrants, they are bad!!!

Mom: No, carbohydrates like oatmeal, rice, couscous…

Michael: (interrupting) NO! You need to make protein! How my body be strong if you make me carbohydrants?!?!? You are going to go into the lions’ den with carbohydrants!!

Mom: (thinking) what on earth do I say to that?!?!Laughing out loud!!

Michael: smirk

I promise… we do NOT have our 3 year old on the Atkins diet!!! 🙂