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I’ve been wondering when this day would come.

This has become a favorite hang out for the boys. Michael says he is fixing his bed. Apparently his heroes Daddy and Uncle Jono didn’t do a very good job with the construction. 🙂

My sweet husband knows me too well!! When he gets a gift he goes all out!! Although I wish I could have spent two weeks in London with him, this was a pretty good consolation prize…especially for a chocolate addict!!

Complete with delicious cupcakes! Roman couldn’t get enough!

Aunt Erin Marie and Uncle Greg had a birthday party for Roman yesterday.

Can you believe this was him about 15 months ago? Ha, nice hair!!! 🙂

Found these cute photos from Halloween.

So hard to believe little Roman is ONE today!!!! Our prayer for him is that he would know and love Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior at a young age and that he would be a blessing to all those who know him. We LOVE you Roman Boe!!

One year ago

First time in the arms of his best buddy!

3 Months! Already Mr. Charming!

Just over 6 months. Love'n spending time with his buddy Beckham!

One of my favorite pictures of the Birthday Boy!

You can count on Michael to be there if there are presents to opened!

Nice hat Eli. Don’t you just want to squeeze those cheeks!!! Just in case you were thinking Aaron suddenly turned cutesy, this is Michelle posting from Aaron’s phone.

Present time!!!

Maybe this stuff is supposed to be a moisturizer? Michael did tell me my forehead looked dry today.

Thanks to Aunt Rebekah, Uncle Mike, and Addi (who shared her party with him) Roman was able to celebrate his first birthday with the Sage gang today!

Roman wasn’t sure about the cake.