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Larae and Beckham were here last week. As per usual the little guys were as cute as buttons!

We went to Bradley’s Preschool Christmas program today. He is the handsome one in the gray sweater. The kids did an awesome job singing!!

After we finished the cookies (all two of them – they lost interest), they did some baking of their own with Michael’s new pots and pans. Thanks Grandpa Mike and Grandma Rose!

Addi might be Roman’s new favorite buddy. She was sneaking him licks of frosting.

Addi came over to decorate Christmas cookies with us. This was the best I could for a picture of the three of us. No cookies in the picture but they were there.

Either we really wore Addi out w/ decorating cookies and playing or the movies Cars is that boring to her.

Michael LOVES his stocking hat!!! Every time we go shopping I try to get him to try on a new hat and every time he cries and says he doesn’t want a new hat, he just wants HIS hat. If it comes off in the car you would think someone just cut off his arm!

The hat barely covers his ears anymore so it’s definitely time for a new one! I’m thinking maybe he realized his hat is just not cutting it and decided to add on. Don’t they say the first step towards changing is recognizing you have a problem? Maybe we’re getting there!

The boys like to snuggle w/ Mr. Nuggs (Michael’s lamb) together. As long as the lamb is there it doesn’t matter where they snuggle! Even the kitchen floor is a good spot.

Michael had to hold Roman down but we got a picture! Thanks for the matching jammies Grandma Connie!!

by 9:00 a.m. That’s progress for us this week! Praise the Lord!

Roman LOVES to snuggle with his big brother! Both have been sick w/ the stomach flu. I think they prefer if something happens to one it happens to the other. I happen to disagree!!

Michael made a blowdryer. Pretty good if you ask me!

Michael looked over at my playdough work of art and said, “mommy, what you making? A MONKEY?!?!” Apparently my playdough skills are lacking!

It’s a shepard in case you, like Michael, couldn’t figure it out!

Michael was painting at the table and Roman was standing, holding the back of Michael’s chair crying. So I put Roman in the seat next to Michael and he was a happy little guy again! He LOVES his big brother and wants to do everything Michael does!!

I was explaining something to Michael and he said, in a very serious voice, “It’s time to work, it’s not time to talk right now.” The Sage blood runs through this boy’s veins!!!