Archives for the month of: October, 2010

Michael and Roman enjoyed some time with Uncle Jake last night.

Michael loves to help me in the kitchen. Today he helped me make a big pan of my Grandma Karhoff’s famous lasagna – one of his favorite meals!


Michael was SO hungry this morning that he couldn’t take the time to put his underwear on before breakfast.

This is totally new for me! When Michael was 7 months I would sit him in the middle of the room w/ some toys and he wouldn’t (rather couldn’t)move. BUT after about 5 minutes he was tired of playing alone. Roman entertains himself so well; chasing a ball, chewing on Michael’s dump truck wheels, “reading” books, getting himself stuck under the coffee table or in the bottom of the dining room chairs, attempting to climb the stairs, rummaging through the toys…you name it, he’s tried it. BUT about every 5 minutes I’m getting him out of harms way; whether self-inflicted or Michael-inflicted.

Two totally different styles of play but they both have a charming, incredibly lovable personality and they keep me the best busy any woman could ever ask for!

Well, it is clear that Roman is not taking after his big brother in some areas! I don’t think I have ever had to pull Michael away from the stairs! Even at two-and-a-half, he rarely goes up the stairs unless his lamb is upstairs or he has decided it’s time for a nap!