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Michael enlisted the help of Ella and Jack Schulz to help him with his favorite activity – building a road.


Sky-lift, Galleon, motorcycle, and now a semi truck!

The company Aaron works for sponsored a trip to Adventureland today. So far we’ve done the ferris wheel and Aaron and Michael are spinning around in the Tea Cups.

We visited my Uncle Kev, Aunt Jean and cousin Anthony today. We missed my cousin John but got to see him on TV – he was at the K-State game!

Michael and Roman with my Uncle Kev. I think if they closed their eyes they probably thought Grandpa Mike was in the room. 🙂

Thanks so much for hosting us Uncle Kev and Aunt Jean!

Roman and Beckham Ramsey spent the morning together yesterday and from the looks of it had a blast!

Michael and LP yesterday.

Roman got busy working this morning. He didn’t even take time to get out of his pajamas first.

Fifteen minutes after going to bed, Michael got out of bed, walked to the landing where Aaron met him. Before Aaron could ask why he was out of bed, Michael said, “I can’t find my shadow.” Aaron replied, “oh.” And Michael went on, “so, you need to see your shadow.” We wanted to see what he would do if we just let him be. He continued down the stairs talking about his shadow and pointed to mine on the wall. We both went back to what we were doing and he did his best to enter in, not once mentioning anything about bed. He helped Aaron find the time value of something for a homework problem and then listened to part of Cornerstone’s weekend message with me, laughing here and there. His comment about Pastor Troy, “he a good guy mommy.” After about 25 minutes I took him up to bed and even though he couldn’t keep his eyes open he insisted he didn’t need to go to bed.

Michael and Larae Ramsey watching enviously as Bradley and Joey zoom around the track. Their poor little legs were too short.

So they found something that was more their size.

I promise, Erin and I did not make them do this!!! For some reason rough and tough (well actually not so tough) Michael understands that Larae is a fragile little girl and speaks to her in this sweet voice and likes to take her hand oh so gently and walk her places. I can’t say I don’t know where he gets it from… like father like son. Mr. Charming!

But it provides several minutes of fun. 🙂

This past weekend Michael asked me to tell him a story. I proceeded to tell him about the best birthday present I received as a kid. I woke up on the morning of my 7th or 8th birthday and came into the living room to find a big package covered with a blanket. After quickly removing the blanket, I discovered a brand new BIKE! How awesome!

Apparently Michael enjoyed the story so much that he decided to take it for his own. Several times during the weekend I heard him telling Michelle, her sister, her dad and her grandparents about the morning he received his new bike. He also took the liberty of changing a few details and embellishing it to make it more dramatic. We may have a future politician on our hands…