Roman has changed so much in the last month! He has always been a very happy and expressive baby but has just become even more expressive recently!! He laughs and laughs at his brother and pretty much anyone who talks and smiles at the same time. Some ladies in the church nursery call him Mr. Smiles and it certainly suits him! He loves to watch Michael from his carrier while we shop, squealing and laughing the whole time. He is eating solids really well and thus getting some nice thunder thighs (a term my dad used to describe my chubby thighs as a youngster) on him! He puts anything and everything that comes near him in his mouth and is drooling like nobody’s business. He is quite physically active and can make his way across the living room rolling and scooting. Sitting up isn’t quite as easy for him although he does quite well for a minute or so before toppling over, giving Michael a good laugh. He is cooing and babbling lots which makes us think we might have a very talkative household. He has such a charming, lovable personality and is just a delightful baby!