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I watched our niece Addi yesterday morning and the little mother hen wanted to make sure Michael didn’t have an ounce of dry skin on his arms and legs.

Its hard to see but Michael is off to the pool with his Aunt Erin. He and Roman get to stay the night w/ Uncle Greg and Aunt Erin.

The Ramsey kids (Larae and Beckham) and our kids w/ Juliann Swanson. This was the best one out of about 10 photos I tried to get of all of them.

On Tuesday my good friend Jill and her husband Peter and their 4 month old little girl came to visit. This was the first time I had seen Jill in 11 months and our first time meeting eachothers’ babies. Beckham Ramsey and Roman made a Juliann sandwich.

Michael: I need to put my gwasses (glasses) on for see to pick up my toys. That a good idea mom?

Me: Sure Michael. Whatever helps you pick up your toys.

Michael: Okay mom.

Roman and Beckham got to meet their friend Juliann Swanson today. Juliann is 4 months old yesterday.

Thanks Grandma Connie for the new popcorn “bowls”. Instead of a movie or a documentary on PBS, tonight we’re watching the Vikings.

Abe came over to hang for a while. Uncle Aaron thought he would enjoy watching a tennis match.

We got to see our friends the Taylors – Marcus, Abby, Maddox and the newest Taylor, beautiful Lexi on Friday night. Maddox and Michael picked up right where they left off a year ago. They were playing so hard I couldn’t get a real good picture of them.

Maddox wanted Michael to know how happy he was to see him! This is Maddox going in for one of several hugs between the two boys.

We love you!!

Uncle Greg would be proud!

I just had to write about this WONDERFUL kitchen appliance…a food processor! I cannot believe the time I have saved this time around using a food processor to make baby food! Dah, I know! Thanks to my mom I have a wonderful food processor and can make baby food in minutes! My poor blender had to be retired after my baby food making days w/ Michael. Thanks mom!!!

Roman has changed so much in the last month! He has always been a very happy and expressive baby but has just become even more expressive recently!! He laughs and laughs at his brother and pretty much anyone who talks and smiles at the same time. Some ladies in the church nursery call him Mr. Smiles and it certainly suits him! He loves to watch Michael from his carrier while we shop, squealing and laughing the whole time. He is eating solids really well and thus getting some nice thunder thighs (a term my dad used to describe my chubby thighs as a youngster) on him! He puts anything and everything that comes near him in his mouth and is drooling like nobody’s business. He is quite physically active and can make his way across the living room rolling and scooting. Sitting up isn’t quite as easy for him although he does quite well for a minute or so before toppling over, giving Michael a good laugh. He is cooing and babbling lots which makes us think we might have a very talkative household. He has such a charming, lovable personality and is just a delightful baby!

his most valued possession.

New friends, same story. Today we met our friends the Mogards at the Splash Park. I was hoping adventurous Miah would be able to get Michael to enjoy the water but not even this cute little social butterfly could change his mind. Oh well, maybe next week!

At least I got a cute picture of Michael and Miah. 🙂

Aaron was happy Michael let him borrow the wagon Great Grandpa and Grandma Karhoff gave him. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be, I was happy Michael let Aaron borrow the wagon so I didn’t have to help carry that enormous box!