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Roman spent some time this morning reading up on the safety features of his car seat.

If I could I would dress them the same every day. Yes, I’m one of THOSE moms!

Roman “cleaned his plate” for the first time and he is very proud!

Almost! I’m so happy because I can sit with the help of the boppy!

Michael and I share a love for popcorn so we’ve named Sunday night ‘Popcorn Night’ in our house. Michael loves popcorn so much that he’ll even eat it with a blister on his tongue. Now that’s dedication!

Little Smiles wanting to make sure I see just how sore his little mouth is. Just like his big brother, he’s pretty smiley even when he’s sick.

Even though he’s been sick (yes, sick in the summer!! Booo!) Michael still manages to put on the charm and eat his beloved peedon (peanut butter in Michael speak).

Should I dump all of the water out of my pool or take a dive?

Michael enjoyed the pool and lake so much on vacation that we just had to get him his own little pond.

Aaron just filled the pool so it is FREEZING cold but our little fish doesn’t seem to mind.


We’re headed home from the annual Sage family Missouri vacation. We had a great week of family time, boating (Roman had his first boat ride), wake boarding, tubing, jet skiing (Michael’s first time jet skiing), swimming, running, and ab workouts. There were only a couple low points: a near death car accident involving a fallen tree branch requiring a quick excessive maneuver, a jet ski vs. boat collision (fortunately there were no injuries and only minor damage to the rented jet ski and the other person’s boat), a sprained ankle (I landed on Rachel’s foot in a basketball game), and a stolen fender from the 1960-something boat trailer (hard to believe there’s still a market for those things). We’ll just chalk these incidences up to “memory makers” for years to come. Thanks, Dad and Mom for another great vacation, and we can’t wait for next year!

The ghetto car wash we are settling for after searching for a car wash for the last 30 minutes. Note: we have two car GPS systems, 4 Blackberrys and 3 Androids. Maybe a good old fashion, stop and ask someone may have been a bit faster.

Michael and his cousins Molly and Addi

Michael and his cousin Addi, both w/ their 4th of July shirts made by Aunt Bekah.

Roman’s enjoying his first trip into Branson, marking, sadly, the end of vacation.

Thanks aunt Bekah for making me this cool shirt!!