I hosted a baby shower for my incredibly adorable pregnant sister-in-law Amanda on Saturday morning. While the house was filled w/ ladies, mini brunch food, presents and of course some tears, (it just wouldn’t be a baby shower without a few tears from the expecting mom and her sweet mother!) Michael and Aaron enjoyed a hearty breakfast and a nice rough, tear less play at the park. They were joined by our friend Mo and his daughter Miah. This little chica was not crashing the boys’ party! Oh no, she knows how to play rough and she showed Michael one of the first times playing together that she knew a thing or two about tackle football. Michael came home from his morning out full of stories, dirty hands and feet, a bit of sun and indigestion (I made that up but chances are he did have some after the greasy breakfast…breakfast #2 of the day) and best of all he was happy as can be having spent the whole morning with his best bud!