Aaron and I are in Storm Lake, Iowa waiting for the Marathon to Marathon to be given the go ahead or to be cancelled. We drove through a monsoon on our way here from Pocahontas. If there had been a tornado coming we wouldn’t have known til it hit us. Oh the joys of Iowa weather. I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life. But given that every winter I’m shocked when the weather turns bitterly cold and the snow starts to fall in truck loads, it’s not surprising that I’m shocked that there are severe storms in Iowa in the middle of June. I guess I’m either insanely optimistic or a slow learner.

While driving to P-town last night I kept feeling like I forgot something. I didn’t realize until we got to Storm Lake this morning that it was the iPod!!!! My super mentally strong husband is fully capable of running 26.2 miles without music but it is nearly impossible for me to run 13.1 without it. So, rain + no iPod + a single 10 mile stretch down a road likely surrounded by corn fields = terrible race for me. This is precisely why I don’t get too serious about running!

Looks like ithe full will be starting at 7 and the half at 7:30 but we’ll see.