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With Great Grandma Boe.


Michael’s Aunt Bekah reading him and his cousins Molly and Addi a story. Michael’s wishing every day was vacation.


and Michael’s driving.

I hosted a baby shower for my incredibly adorable pregnant sister-in-law Amanda on Saturday morning. While the house was filled w/ ladies, mini brunch food, presents and of course some tears, (it just wouldn’t be a baby shower without a few tears from the expecting mom and her sweet mother!) Michael and Aaron enjoyed a hearty breakfast and a nice rough, tear less play at the park. They were joined by our friend Mo and his daughter Miah. This little chica was not crashing the boys’ party! Oh no, she knows how to play rough and she showed Michael one of the first times playing together that she knew a thing or two about tackle football. Michael came home from his morning out full of stories, dirty hands and feet, a bit of sun and indigestion (I made that up but chances are he did have some after the greasy breakfast…breakfast #2 of the day) and best of all he was happy as can be having spent the whole morning with his best bud!

To the perfect Dad for Michael and Roman!! Aaron is an amazing father!! Every activity, every task is taken as an opportunity to teach and instruct. It is the patience and gentleness with which he interacts with the boys that allows him those opportunities. Although he is focused and intentional he is also goofy and fun-loving. The boys’ laughter surrounds him. While all of those things help to make Aaron a great father, the thing that makes him amazing is his love for the Lord and Truth and his desire for his children to also love and highly esteem our Lord and His Truth!

Thank you Aaron. Part of the reason being a mom is so incredible for me is because I get to do it along side you.

Amanda got some really fun pictures of the kids at the May/June Sage birthday party on Sunday.

Addi and Michael following Aunt Amanda's instructions for the photo.

Rebekah and I did not plan the orange.

Goof Troop members


All Smiles

Big Laugh

Michael: Dad coming soon?

Mom: No he is going to be late tonight. He’s working really hard.

Michael: I need a job.

Mom: Why?

He responds with something I don’t understand followed by:

Michael: Guy text me message.

Mom: That’s why you need a job?

Michael: Yes.

Mom: Interesting.

Roman is already learning from his big brother. He found his thumb for real yesterday. Naptime, bedtime, hungry…it’s in his mouth.

Michael helped Larae go to the front to get a picture from the teacher. Unfortunately he forgot to escort her back and she forgot what she was doing. When I sent him back up to get her he too forgot what he was supposed to do so they were both standing in front of the teacher waiting for some instruction.

You must protect your hands while mowing. I was not aware that gripper socks doubled as mowing gloves. Just so you all know, I did not buy those! He got them during his stay in the hospital and didn’t want to give them up. He apparently had a plan for them all along.

Aaron and I are in Storm Lake, Iowa waiting for the Marathon to Marathon to be given the go ahead or to be cancelled. We drove through a monsoon on our way here from Pocahontas. If there had been a tornado coming we wouldn’t have known til it hit us. Oh the joys of Iowa weather. I shouldn’t be surprised since I’ve lived in Iowa my entire life. But given that every winter I’m shocked when the weather turns bitterly cold and the snow starts to fall in truck loads, it’s not surprising that I’m shocked that there are severe storms in Iowa in the middle of June. I guess I’m either insanely optimistic or a slow learner.

While driving to P-town last night I kept feeling like I forgot something. I didn’t realize until we got to Storm Lake this morning that it was the iPod!!!! My super mentally strong husband is fully capable of running 26.2 miles without music but it is nearly impossible for me to run 13.1 without it. So, rain + no iPod + a single 10 mile stretch down a road likely surrounded by corn fields = terrible race for me. This is precisely why I don’t get too serious about running!

Looks like ithe full will be starting at 7 and the half at 7:30 but we’ll see.

Roman is anxiously awaiting the day that he fets to help.

The job isn’t complete until the grass is swept from the driveway.

Michael helped Aaron mow all but a few stretched of the entire lawn. He had to stop for a snack but in his own words he was “working hard!”

I’ve been asked this question three times already in the five minutes we’ve been here at the park. Not sure what has changed that has made him unsure. It’s the same old park. 🙂

Even if all I do is sit in my stroller. 🙂

While trying to squeeze himself in the shelf he says to his lamb, “Mr. Nuggs (his new name given by Dad) you read w/ me my friends?”

Then when he finally gets inside he begins singing, “this my story, this my song, praise my Sayor (Savior) all day,” several times.