I took Michael and Roman to a farm this morning with some other moms and kids. When we got out of the car Michael begged, “go to farn (I.e. farM) mommy!” I explained that this was the farm and he looked at me puzzled and with disappointment said “k”. I think he fully expected to pull up, get out of the car and be greeted by cartoon looking, freely roaming, cows, sheep, pigs and roosters just like in his books. I realized we need to pay a visit to a farm more often.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Michael with the animals because just looking at talking about the animals (from my arms) was enough for him. He was loving the play set though. He found one “friend” (as far as Michael was concerned they were friends) who was kind enough to listen to him talk about where he was driving the play set to and what he was going to build with all the wood. 🙂