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Those were the words we heard for about an hour yesterday morning when Sarge (my sister’s dog) got up. He finally braved the inside of Sarge’s pen and tried to feed him his plastic bone. I’m already preparing my “Michael we’re not getting a dog” speech.


Roman got really frustrated and scratched himself today. It was quite small but would not stop bleeding. This happened just 3 hours after I clipped his nails.


Rona is Michael’s version of Roman. Anyone else think of elderly woman when you hear “Rona?”

Michael got in his “car” and was ready to go to work only to realize he had forgotten something…

“Oh shoot, forgot my coffee!”

Upon returning to his “car” he said,

“Get my key in here real quick.”

Now that I figured out I can see myself in this mirror I don’t mind tummy time so much!

Our nearly daily run! It may not look like it in this picture but Michael and Roman love this part of the day. Michael frequently asks to go running and often wears at least one, if not two, running watches all day long. Roman is now big enough to be in the jogger without his carseat and is loving the outdoor nap!

Running takes a close third to these events (most favorite favorite to least favorite favorite):

1. Daddy coming home from work.

2. Snack time or meal time.

I took Michael and Roman to a farm this morning with some other moms and kids. When we got out of the car Michael begged, “go to farn (I.e. farM) mommy!” I explained that this was the farm and he looked at me puzzled and with disappointment said “k”. I think he fully expected to pull up, get out of the car and be greeted by cartoon looking, freely roaming, cows, sheep, pigs and roosters just like in his books. I realized we need to pay a visit to a farm more often.

Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of Michael with the animals because just looking at talking about the animals (from my arms) was enough for him. He was loving the play set though. He found one “friend” (as far as Michael was concerned they were friends) who was kind enough to listen to him talk about where he was driving the play set to and what he was going to build with all the wood. 🙂

While I was putting sheets on Michael’s bed, Michael assumed his role as big brother and took it upon himself to entertain Roman. He couldn’t think of anything better than reading his favorite story (David and Goliath), sharing his lamb, and snuggling.


Michelle claims it was just sitting in Roman’s seat and he somehow figured out how to get it on his wrist. True or not, it makes for a good story so we’ll go with it.

My thoughtful husband and sweet boys were working on this while I was getting ready for church on Sunday. And Michael and Aaron came home with flowers Sunday afternoon.

Their gifts reminded me of what an incredibly blessed wife and mother I am!

Roman turned three months last week. I feel the need to play a little catch up as far as pictures go. Here are a few.

Sometimes it seems like we have twins separated by two years because Roman is SO similar to Michael as an infant – not a difficult baby but fairly needy and VERY social! These are Roman’s three month highlights:

1. Still VERY hungry! He eats every 2.5 hours through the day with an occasional 3 hour stretch.

2. Week 9 he slept through the night four days in a row and then stopped but started again end of last week.

3. Loves to be talked to and will give anyone who takes the time to talk to him the biggest grin.

4. Seems to be searching desperately for his thumb.

5. Loves to “run in place” on his play mat.

6. Doesn’t care much for tummy time but tolerates it as long as his big brother doesn’t lay on him.

Each of those could have been written about Michael at this age as well. The differences:

1. Cradle cap.

2. Tolerates being hungry just slightly better than Michael did.

3. Doesn’t stay asleep during runs to the grocery store or Target. I may have found my future grocery shopping buddy. 🙂

4. LOVES his brother. Judging by how much Michael loves Roman, I’m sure if he had had a brother when he was 3 months old he would have loved him too!

We have just started going through a catechism book with Michael. He’s catching on pretty quickly but sometimes his pronunciation is a little off.

Dad and Mom: Michael, who made you?

Michael: God

Dad and Mom: What else did God make?

Michael: Food. (not the desired answer but still correct)

Dad and Mom: And what else did God make?

Michael: All sings.

Dad and Mom: Yes, all THINGS.

Dad and Mom: Why did God make you?

Michael: For His Oreo.

Dad and Mom: Yes, that’s right, for His GLORY.



Hanging out at their first coffee shop concert.