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I’m sure Rona (Michael-speak for Roman) won’t mind if I borrow this so I can get some reading done.


Roman w/ his cousin Sydney who is one day older than him.

This is what Roman thinks about his first (and he’s hoping last) women’s conference.

I think your truck is about to fall over!

Two toddlers whispering is a good indicator that you will soon have your hands full!

Michael and his cousin Addi on Wednesday

I’m happy because I went to the doctor yesterday for my two month visit and the doctor said I was doing my job of growing well.

Weight: 11lb 3oz
Length: 22 in
Head Circ: 15 in

My mom was here helping us for ten days a couple weeks ago when the boys were in the hospital. She will do just about anything to get Michael to eat his fruits and vegetables! Here, upon Micheal’s request she was sitting on the floor because that’s where Michael prefers to eat his oranges.

Story time w/ Dad. Yes, I am one of those moms who thinks dressing her sons alike is just too cute!! 🙂

Michelle’s Dad and Rose came to visit this past Friday. We had a great time with them, and they brought a couple early birthday presents for Michael. The best was a brand new motorcycle.

Here’s a picture of Papa Mike, Aunt Erin Marie, and Michael putting the motorcycle together.

Apparently Papa Mike and Grandma Rose made a big impression. This morning I caught Michael in the middle of singing Grandma Rose’s praises.

We recently purchased an infrared webcam to keep tabs on Michael during the night. The following are some humorous clips that we caught. If you’re looking for some relatively cheap entertainment and have a toddler, consider purchasing one of these.

Skip to 2:20… Michael has an idea

Hungry? Why wait until breakfast?

Making a joyful noise, followed by another idea.

Who needs your Mom or Dad when you have your lamb.

Michael has an “itch”.

He Found It!