Archives for the month of: March, 2010

As you can see, he’s pretty excited.


Michael LOVES to talk on the phone – usually in the morning but really any time of day works for him. He does most of the talking unless you offer to sing to him.

Wish I could say the same for my big brother! He’s been sleeping most of the day. I can’t wait for him to get better! He’s a lot more entertaining than mom!

My big brother is taking a long nap cuz he’s sick again so I’m getting some tummy time! Thanks for the nice soft blanket Grandma Dawn and Grandpa Ted!

Practicing golf skills so he’s ready to play with Grandpa Mike this spring!

Rough 4th quarter. 54-59. Rach had her best game ever. Several steals and 2 3-pointers.

5 minutes to the start of the game. Good luck, Ballard.

Congrats to Rach and the Ballard girls basketball team as they narrowly defeated Davenport to advance to the second round of the girls State Basketball tournament. Their next game is Thursday night.

I wish I had taken a little more time to get a better looking picture of this. Nonetheless its still pretty cute!

Thanks Grandma Connie for the cool paints and paper! I think I’m getting better at painting!