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Cuz my mom was poking fun at my double chin.


Monday was concrete-cutting on the basement front. Unfortunately I had no idea it was happening that day so I was slightly unprepared. I came home from the  chiropractor on Monday and walked into a haze of what looked like smoke from a fire. I started running through the house looking for the fire and when I made it to the basement I saw a slice in the concrete and realized Aaron’s brother must have started cutting concrete that morning. Later that evening we decided it was probably best to stay somewhere else that night so we packed up the kids and went to my friend Erin’s house. Larae and Michael were very excited to see each other! They enjoyed bath time and bed time stories together. Thanks Ramseys for your hospitality!!!!

Congrats to the Ballard girls’ basketball team who beat Pella tonight to advance to the state tournament. Rachel played well, as usual, and nailed a three-pointer. Here she is with half of her nieces and nephews after the game. Way to go, Rach!

With the addition of our newest associate, we’ve identified a need for more space. Thus, we’re finishing the basement. The new space will include a large family/play room, guest bedroom, bathroom and lots of storage.

Pictured below is Aaron’s brother, Jono, who’s doing the majority of the work.

Roman is at the chiropractor with me this morning while Michael stayed home with Grandma. I think Michael got the better end of the deal!

We are adamantly opposed to pacifiers. Roman, on the other hand, not so much.

We were just looking at pictures when Michael was born and comparing them to Roman’s. Do you see any resemblance between this picture of Roman and this one of Michael?

Roman had a rude awakening at 6.30a this morning when he received his “male reproductive reconstruction” surgery. He’s doing great now and is eating like a champ.

We just got the go-ahead to leave the hospital. We’re packing now and will be out of here shortly.

Roman just got the once over in the lab. 10 fingers, 10 toes, good reflexes, and, best of all, no tail. He’s what they call “grossly normal”, which they assure us is a good thing.

What a blessing!

Here he is. 7 lbs, 1 oz. The delivery went REALLY fast, and Michelle did an outstanding job! Mom and baby are doing great.

Her water broke around 4 this morning. We’re at the hospital now. She’s at a 5, just got an epidural, and is doing really well.

We’ll keep you posted!

We had dinner tonight with the Mogards and the Ramseys at the Mogards’ home. Michael had a great time with the girls and I think they thought he was pretty fun. 🙂

Michael, Miah Mogard and Larae Ramsey