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The Greaser with his cousins Spiderman and the Easter Bunny.

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Michael with two of his cousins at Uncle Andy and Aunt Amanda’s.

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Our adorable nieces at Stam – part of our princess party day!

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What a handsome little man!

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Rather traumatic.

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CONGRATULATIONS to our friends Chris and Mary Ryan on the birth of their daughter!

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He’s pretty worried about getting chest hair so he started shaving.

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Michael got a new book in the mail today from his Papa Craig and Grandma Connie. They made it for him. The book contains pictures of Michael and his family and tells Michael that his family loves him, loves God and God loves all of them. It also talks about all the things that God made. He’s only had it for 5 minutes and has read it twice already! Michael says thank you Papa Craig and Grandma Connie!!

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Here are a couple pictures my friend Erin Ramsey took on Sunday. Thanks Erin!  Erin’s husband Phillip also ran the marathon! It was his first one and he did AWESOME, finishing under 4 hours!! Way to go Phillip!!!

Looking good at the 14 mile mark!

Looking good at the 14 mile mark!

Aaron finishing strong!

Aaron finishing strong!

I didn’t get a picture of Aaron running across the finish because I was running and screaming and forgot, but I got a good picture of Aaron with his very proud son afterward.

Aaron ran his personal best at 2 hours 56 minutes and 39 seconds. He finished 40th overall and qualified for the Boston Marathon!!! We’re so proud of him!!!!!!

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Snow on October 10.

At 20 weeks 5 days


Michael loves music! He especially loves to listen to it by himself on the iPod. When I got out of the shower this morning this is how I found him. The iPod was off when I got in the shower and it was fairly out of sight. It was on and definitely in use (and blaring!) when I got out.


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