Michael LOVES to “drive”. As we enter our development Aaron usually takes him out of his car seat and allows him to sit on his lap for the remainder of the trip. Getting out of the driver’s seat is always very traumatic. While on vacation in Missouri, each time he walked past the driver’s seat in the boat he would grunt and put his arms out to whoever was driving. At several grocery stores there are carts with toy cars for kids to sit in. He’s been to little for most of them except for one that I spotted at HyVee several weeks ago. Each time we go we see another kid getting pushed around in the infamous cart and each time I tell Michael, “maybe next time you can ride in it.” Well, his day finally came! The cart was available TODAY! He rode around in that thing for 20 minutes turning both wheels as fast as he possibly could, saying hi (at least 2 times but on most occasions 3 to 4 times) to every customer that passed by. I thought about requesting to speak to management so he could be paid for his hours as HyVee Greeter. He was in heaven. The happy occasion soon ended when we had to get out of the imaginary driver’s seat and into his very real, very much despised, car seat. I was able to get a photo of the happy boy as he “drove” around the grocery store. Here’s to hoping it’s available again next time. I might start spending afternoons there this winter.