We spent Memorial Day weekend in Wisconsin with my Mom and Stepdad. We look forward to the long weekend spent with them every year. My sister had the great privilege of entertaining Michael for the remaining three-and-a-half hours after we picked her up. He thought a long trip in the car was the perfect time to skip an afternoon nap. It’s a good thing Michael can do no wrong in Erin Marie’s eyes. 

We enjoyed a family bike ride, some shopping, a bonfire and lots of great food and conversation. My Mom finds every age appropriate, fun toy or activity conceivable for Michael and wants to make sure he can experience each thing at least once while in her presence. The ball pool was one such toy and Michael did have a blast playing in it. 





Every year we try to come up with a way to make smores better. This year we lined the edge ot the fire pit with crackers with chocolate on top while we roasted marshmallows. When the marshmallow was perfectly roasted (or perfectly BLACK in Erin Marie’s case) we had a melted piece of chocolate waiting. Greg has had to miss the trip the last two years do to being in the field so Erin Marie calls him during the bonfire to remind him that he missed lighting (or should I say blowing up) the wood. It’s always a sad time for Greg. 


Just after bath time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.