I took Michael for his 12 month check-up yesterday. He was not thrilled to be there. With each little thing the nurse did to him (nothing painful… checking his temp for example) he became more and more upset. By the time the doctor came in he had them figured out. He was fine and having a nice chat with her as long as she stayed seated right in front of him, without moving. As soon as she stood up to wash her hands he lost it. This back and forth continued with each phase of the examination. His doctor was so kind – she called him very smart and observant. I was thinking more like sensitive. 🙂 

Our little chunker seems to be thinning out a bit. 

Weight: 20lbs. 8oz – 50%

He’s growing in length steadily. 

Length: 29 3/4 inches – 50%

No wonder it took him so long to start crawling. Who can move with a melon this big?

Head: 19 1/4 inches – 97% 

When your smile can light up a room no one cares how big your head is. Besides, big head = lots of brains right?