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After only four days with Grandma Connie, Michael is now reading.

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Michael received his first eye exam this week. We were not sure if Dr. Schulz was planning to mine for coal or check out Michael’s eyes! All is well with his eyeballs says Dr. Schulz.


Dr. Schulz can be seen at the Eye Mart in Ankeny or Ames if you’re in need of an exam.

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Michael got his first haircut on Sunday. His long locks growing over his ears so we thought it was time to bust out the clippers. 


I’m move’n now!

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Michael wanted me to say a big thank you to our family in Pocahontas. Thanks Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Karhoff for letting us hang with you guys for a couple days! Michael had fun watching Great Grandma pick up everything he threw on the floor EVERY time. She was a good sport.

Thanks Papa Mike and Grandma Rose for the new soft, cuddly friend they gave Michael yesterday. When the thumb heads for the mouth within seconds of touching something you can be sure of two things:

1. it’s really soft


2. you most certainly don’t want to try taking it away


Uncle Greg and Aunt Erin Marie recovered enough by Sunday morning to play with Michael before leaving for home.



Michael and I have been in Pocahontas visiting Papa Mike, Grandma Rose, Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma LaVonne. Today Michael got to visit his Papa Mike at work. 


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Uncle Greg and Aunt Erin Marie were in town this week and offered to watch Michael and our niece Addi tonight. This is how we found them when we got home. Needless to say, they may wait a while before having kids of their own.



Michael is forward-facing in his car seat now and LOVES it! Who knew a new view could make such a difference?


Our niece, Addison turned one last Saturday. It’s hard to believe a year has gone by already! Happy Birthday Cutie!




Week after week I get an email inviting Michael and me to a play date at a local Tae Kwon Do studio and week after week something comes up and we are unable to go. Last week when I got the email I decided that we were just going to make it happen. Michael is nearly 10 months now and from my observation is in desperate need of some peer interaction. I watched a friend’s little boy on Monday and you would have thought I just gave Michael the best present on earth. He loved having Josiah around. He watched his every move. 

This morning after Michael awoke from his morning nap he quickly had a bottle and then out the door we went. He was dressed in one of his most handsome outfits because his aunt and uncle are coming today and they were the ones who purchased it for him. We arrived at the play date and it was just as I expected – Michael loved it! He watched all the kids run around and began to warm up when he saw his friend Josiah. Josiah was eating a snack of pretzel fish and wanted to share with Michael. I gave him permission to share his snack. The first one went down great but the second one wasn’t so smooth. I think a piece of salt got caught in his throat and he started gagging and crying. The next thing I know he was covered in barf and so was the floor of the studio. 

Poor little guy! It really was unfortunate that he made such a terrible first impression… and spoiled the fashion show he was scheduled to give his aunt and uncle tonight.

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This is the rattle I mentioned in a previous post. Our friend Peter Swanson made it for Michael. Thanks Peter!!

I had lunch today with some of the ladies in our small group. These pictures were taken just before all but Anja and Grace erupted in tears as we were trying to leave. Thanks Carolyn for a great lunch!