Michael has learned lots of new things over the last two months.

He will sit and play with toys for long periods of time. His favorite right now is a rattle that Peter Swanson made for him. He will play with all his other toys with the rattle hanging from his mouth. It’s hilarious! Banging things together is his favorite thing to do with his toys. Michael has always been “all-boy” but within the last several weeks I see his boyness coming out more and more.

He is working on crawling and will go from sitting to perched up on his hands and knees, rocking forward and backward. No crawling yet… just a lot of face planting. For a while he had forgotten that he knew how to roll over and when he would face-plant and end up on his stomach he would scream until I flipped him over or sat him up. The light bulb finally came on and he is rolling all over the place.

He totally understands object permanence and will not eat his bottle if he has noticed my phone and then I hide it.

There are a few things he does in his high chair that are so cute one being this scrunched up, eyes shut face when he doesn’t want to eat something, he doesn’t like it or his mouth is still full. He is a little chatter box when he’s in his chair eating. Between bites he talks to the fork in his other hand or the washcloth or whatever/whoever will listen. 

Three of his newest tricks are clapping, clicking and waving. I LOVE it when he gets excited! He scrunches his face up and claps, arms starting out wide and finally bringing them in close enough for his hands to actually touch.

He has been saying “dadda” and “mamma” for a few months now and we think he has started to understand what he’s saying. He says “da, da, da, da, dadda, da, da” when he’s happy and “maaaaamaaaa” when he’s sad, frustrated, or hurt.

We can’t get enough of his smiles! They are so infectious and continuous really! He LOVES the camera!!! Aunt Bobbi loves to take pictures of him because he smiles as soon as you put the camera up to his face. He also LOVES people and the attention they give!!! He is our little charmer!

He still eats like a champ. He went for his 9 month appointment last Wednesday and he weighed in at 21lb, 3oz which is in the 75th percentile. He is in the 50th percentile for height at 28 1/4 inches long and … drumroll please… the 95TH PERCENTILE for head circumference at 18 3/4 inches!!! Lots o’ brains in that head! 

I know we say this at every new stage but this stage is tons of fun!!