Our little (we use that term loosely) guy is 5 months old today!!  It is really hard to believe that five months have already gone by; this last month has gone especially fast.  Michael has done many new things and had several new experiences. 



He welcomed his uncle Jono back from Army bootcamp.  I think we know what Michael will look like when he’s a sophomore in college.









He chilled with some kiwi in the fruit basket at Grandpa & Grandma Sage’s.





He got strapped into his highchair for the first time. This was our first attempt at solids.  Unfortunately it took us so long to get the highchair put together and Michael securely strapped in that by the time we put the spoon up to his mouth he had had enough.  His first taste of solid food would have to wait until after his nap.


We finally got the highchair figured out and Michael was able to taste his first solids.

Spent some time with Grandma Connie, Grandpa Craig, Uncle Greg and Aunt Erin.  Only Grandma got a picture with him.  We think she planned it that way.  Michael is never alone when Grandma Connie and Aunt Erin are around.


He witnessed his first ISU vs. Iowa game.  He was pretty excited when it started but by the end he was pretty disappointed.


It’s been a good month for Michael, and he’s looking forward to the next one.