… in the water that is!  We visited my Sister and Brother-in-law at their new home in Clear Lake two weekends ago.  They have a pool in their complex so we decided it was as good a time as any for Michael to learn to swim.  Aaron was so excited to get Michael in the water he didn’t care much that the poor little guy was getting hungry.  What a champ he was.  He didn’t think much of the water at first but when Aaron held him close he decided that the water was pretty fun.  He didn’t quite catch on to the butterfly stroke but we think by the end of the summer he should have it down!

My Mom and Stepdad also joined us there for the day and since we were all together we celebrated my birthday with Erin Marie’s signature brownies… my favorite!!  And when Michael was getting sleepy Uncle Greg broke out his guitar to play him some tunes. 

After the scrumptious brownies and some great tunes the guys were ready for a nap!