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Unfortunately not our Iowa sweetheart Shawn Johnson, but the next best option, Nastia Liukin!  Aaron and I have been addicted to the Olympics this week – especially the sand volleyball, swimming and gymnastics!  I’ve honestly never seen Aaron get into sports much but every night this week he has been on the edge of his seat, yelling at the television.  I’m not sure which has been more entertaining – the Olympics or Aaron watching the Olympics!

Congratulations Shawn!!  We’re proud to be Americans, Iowans and Des Moines Metroans. 🙂

Last night Boe Grandpa and Grandma (as Bradley our two-year-old nephew calls them) came over for dinner.  It was so fun to spend the evening with them and Michael especially loved being spoiled by Boe Grandma!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of her giving Michael his bottle. It was only after he went to bed that I remembered to take one so they graciously agreed to pose by his bed for me.  Michael hadn’t quite fallen asleep yet so he was happy to have some company in his room.

We are so blessed to have Wally and Doris in our lives and living so close by!  They both love the Lord and desire so much for His name to be made known.  It is a joy and incredible encouragement to be around them!

I’m not sure why but I think this is one of the cutest faces Michael makes.

I’ve been reading to Michael before at least one nap during the day and Aaron and I read to him before bed at night.  Michael has several baby Bibles or Bible storybooks or the like and if you have read any of those you know that they all use the same six to ten stories and make theirs unique with flaps, illustrations, wording or my favorite, a response sentence or action.  I heard and read the same stories when I was a child and over the years somehow I have ceased seeing the wonder in these amazing stories like Daniel in the Lions’ Den, Baby Moses in the River, David and Goliath and Noah and the Ark. 

I realized this the other day when I was reading to Michael the story about Noah.  God looked at this world that he had created and saw that everyone in it was evil.  Everyone but one man and his family.  Noah was a man after God’s own heart and he lived his life in such a way that was pleasing to God.  God decided that there was too much evil in the world and told Noah to build a gigantic boat because he was going to flood the earth.  He told Noah to bring onto the boat one of every kind of animal and his wife, sons and their wives.  Noah obeyed God and the short version is God flooded the earth and everything but the Ark and Noah and his family was destroyed.  Three things stood out to me:

  1. There was only ONE man (and his family) who was not evil.  That is a LOT of evil and this Man must have been quite the man!!!  He didn’t live like the rest of the world (literally) did, rather he loved the Lord so much that he sought to honor Him in spite of the fact that that was REALLY weird!
  2. He must have been an incredible leader!  For this man to raise up three sons that would honor God in a world so evil that God wanted to destroy it, is quite an amazing thing.  He must have called on the Lord daily, hourly, every minute for wisdom, strength, grace, mercy… you name it.  That is the only way he could be the leader that he was. 
  3. God is faithful to those who love Him.  Why save one man and his family when the rest of the world is evil?  Why not just destroy the whole lot of them and start over?  He could have done that.  It might have been easier.  But he didn’t because He is faithful. 

My prayer is that I am always in awe of my God and His faithfulness to His people!

Last Wednesday we had a little look into our future about two years from now.  We watched our nephew Bradley for a few hours while his parents when out for their anniversary.  Bradley is almost exactly two years older than Michael and we can already see similarities in the two extremely active little boys! 

Here are some things that we learned:

  1. Always use a sippy cup when giving a child liquids… especially bright red ones.  Juice baths attract mosquitoes. 
  2. If you are taking a two-year-old to a familiar place on a route different from the one he sees, be prepared to stop every 20 steps and hear, “trail dat way,” while pointing towards the only OBVIOUS way in his view. 
  3. Have a back-up plan when taking a two-year-old on a nearly mile long walk – he will get tired.
  4. When he gets tired don’t tell him that the mosquitoes are going to GET him so that he’ll move faster.  He might be afraid of them and then you get to carry him the rest of the way!
  5. They can be reasoned with.  When he begins to cry because he notices he is not with his Mommy, tell him where she is and that she will come back for him.  Then ask him to tell you where she is.  It may sound something like this, “Bradley, where is your Mommy?”  Bradley: “Eat, Daddy, anniversawy, mawwiage.”
  6. Bath time with a two-year-old has a tidal wave effect on your bathroom but it’s also lots more fun!
  7. We’re enjoying Michael at the age he is now and looking forward with excitement to the future!!

Michael and Bradley thoroughly enjoyed one another’s company!!

… in the water that is!  We visited my Sister and Brother-in-law at their new home in Clear Lake two weekends ago.  They have a pool in their complex so we decided it was as good a time as any for Michael to learn to swim.  Aaron was so excited to get Michael in the water he didn’t care much that the poor little guy was getting hungry.  What a champ he was.  He didn’t think much of the water at first but when Aaron held him close he decided that the water was pretty fun.  He didn’t quite catch on to the butterfly stroke but we think by the end of the summer he should have it down!

My Mom and Stepdad also joined us there for the day and since we were all together we celebrated my birthday with Erin Marie’s signature brownies… my favorite!!  And when Michael was getting sleepy Uncle Greg broke out his guitar to play him some tunes. 

After the scrumptious brownies and some great tunes the guys were ready for a nap!

First, I apologize to all of you avid Sage Tree readers for the last week which provided you all no content.  I will try to make up for it this week!

This first post is a shout out of sorts to my Mother-in-law who two years after having her second son (15 months after her first I might add) had twin boys.  She is truly a woman of great patience and strength!  When the last Sage baby was had there were 7 boys and 2 girls in all so there is no question that this woman is special!!! 

I had a little (and I mean LITTLE) taste of her world two Fridays ago when I watched our friends the Putneys’ son Ryan for about 4 hours.  He is one of the most mild mannered, content little boys I have ever seen; different from his buddy Michael who is a little bit more needy, loud and rambunctious… a true Sage man!  Fortunately both boys are on a good schedule with feeding times about 30 minutes apart.  It really was a fun time watching the boys look at each other and interact as much as three-month-olds are capable of.  But during those four hours that Ryan was here I had about 15 minutes of time where I wasn’t feeding, changing a diaper, putting a baby down for a nap or playing.  I wondered how on earth my Mother-in-law kept such an immaculate house, home-schooled the children that were school-age, kept her stomach and the childrens’ full and most importantly, kept seven boys alive!!!!  She is truly an incredible woman!!  Here’s to you Dawn and thank you to you and Ted for bringing Sage boy #2 into the world and raising him to become such an incredible husband and father!!!

Here are some photos from the day:

They are really advanced!

Ryan: “Could someone please get my chubby friend off of me… I can’t breathe.”

I wrote this post in June and forgot to publish it.  There are a couple good pictures of Michael with my Dad and the rest of the family so I thought it was worth publishing.


Two weekends ago we went to Pocahontas to visit my Dad, Stepmom and Grandparents.  Aaron got to play some golf with my Dad and Grandpa so it was a good day for him!  Michael had a good time hanging out with Grandpa Mike and Grandma Rose and Great Grandpa Bob and Great Grandma LaVonne.  Grandpa Mike proved to be the only one who could settle a cranky Michael so I think he felt pretty good about that. 🙂