Last Sunday our good friends, Peter & Jill Swanson were in town.  Phillip and Erin Ramsey, Jill and Peter and Aaron, Michael and I all decided to go downtown to the Rib Fest where Jonny Lang was performing.  Phillip has been a big fan of Jonny Lang for years and I’ve been a big fan of barbecue for years so it seemed like a great idea!  Aaron and I were not familiar with his music so we spent the afternoon listening to some of his songs and reading a bit about him.  He has a pretty amazing story so if you’re interested you can read about it here.  I’ve decided that I actually really enjoy his music so I’m thankful that Phillip introduced us to him. 

For those of you that were not outside on Sunday evening (you’re smart people) it was HOT!  I like the hot weather but the humidity was killer!!  Poor Michael… his mother dressed him in one of the warmest summer outfits he owns (because he looks like a little man in it!) so he was sweating up a storm and when the concert started it was so loud I was afraid he might lose his hearing.  We decided we better do something so we put a blanket around his head which only made him more hot.  Finally we determined that you could hear the music just fine from about a block away under some big white tents so we spent the rest of the concert there while Phillip and Erin rocked it out in the VIP section!! 

Under the tents Michael, along with the rest of us, was still sweating so we stripped him down and rubbed him with ice from a cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade.  I’m not sure why we didn’t think about how sticky and pulpy lemonade would be.  Now not only was our little man hot and sweaty, he was sticky and full of pulp!  He didn’t seem to mind one bit but he was very grateful for a bath when we got home!

It really was a fun evening!  We were glad to have been introduced to Jonny Lang’s music, to spend time with good friends and of course… to eat some pretty tasty BBQ!!!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

“Oh my ears!”

“My parents are goofy! Don’t they know I’m roasting!”

“They are really having a hard time getting it right tonight.” 


“Can you please tell me why you didn’t think of a bath sooner?”