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My good friend Kris recently returned from an 18 state, 9,100+ mile Amtrak tour of the United States. Check out his blog, Deep Thoughts and a Blog About Nothing, for the highlights of his trip and ongoing, hilarious commentary on everday life.

Good stuff, Kris.

The Ted Sage family now has a blog.  Check out what’s happening with Aaron’s HUGE family at The Sage Page.

Tuesday night we had small group at the Putney’s house.  Michael was excited because he got to hang out with his buddy Ryan.  Yes, this is the boy that was nearly two pounds bigger than Michael at his birth, one week after Michael was born. 🙂

Ryan: “What happened to this dude??”

Last Sunday our good friends, Peter & Jill Swanson were in town.  Phillip and Erin Ramsey, Jill and Peter and Aaron, Michael and I all decided to go downtown to the Rib Fest where Jonny Lang was performing.  Phillip has been a big fan of Jonny Lang for years and I’ve been a big fan of barbecue for years so it seemed like a great idea!  Aaron and I were not familiar with his music so we spent the afternoon listening to some of his songs and reading a bit about him.  He has a pretty amazing story so if you’re interested you can read about it here.  I’ve decided that I actually really enjoy his music so I’m thankful that Phillip introduced us to him. 

For those of you that were not outside on Sunday evening (you’re smart people) it was HOT!  I like the hot weather but the humidity was killer!!  Poor Michael… his mother dressed him in one of the warmest summer outfits he owns (because he looks like a little man in it!) so he was sweating up a storm and when the concert started it was so loud I was afraid he might lose his hearing.  We decided we better do something so we put a blanket around his head which only made him more hot.  Finally we determined that you could hear the music just fine from about a block away under some big white tents so we spent the rest of the concert there while Phillip and Erin rocked it out in the VIP section!! 

Under the tents Michael, along with the rest of us, was still sweating so we stripped him down and rubbed him with ice from a cup of fresh-squeezed lemonade.  I’m not sure why we didn’t think about how sticky and pulpy lemonade would be.  Now not only was our little man hot and sweaty, he was sticky and full of pulp!  He didn’t seem to mind one bit but he was very grateful for a bath when we got home!

It really was a fun evening!  We were glad to have been introduced to Jonny Lang’s music, to spend time with good friends and of course… to eat some pretty tasty BBQ!!!

Here are some pictures from the evening:

“Oh my ears!”

“My parents are goofy! Don’t they know I’m roasting!”

“They are really having a hard time getting it right tonight.” 


“Can you please tell me why you didn’t think of a bath sooner?”

Thanks to his Uncle Greg, Michael is now a BIG fan of the color green!  Erin Marie and Greg came for the afternoon on Saturday and Greg couldn’t resist trying to influence Michael’s farm machinery preferences.

Michael took a nice snooze while the four of us enjoyed a stroll around the Downtown Farmers Market.  I had my first Farm Boy (I think that’s what the stand is called) breakfast burrito at the beginning of the summer and I have to be honest… now that’s the only reason I go to the Farmers Market!  Delish!!! 

It was so fun to have Erin Marie and Greg in town for the afternoon!  Michael thoroughly enjoyed some TLC from his aunt and uncle!! 

Michael was just four days old sleeping so cool like in his boppy and yesterday he turned three months old!  I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone.  He has changed so much.  Here are a few of the major changes we’ve seen since this picture was taken:

  • No more fuzz all over his body (no more Elmo 😦 )
  • His skin no longer looks like that of a Shar Pei. In fact now we wonder if it will hold together.
  • His hands look a bit more proportionate to his body.
  • Rather than a nice head of dusty blonde hair he has the old man-balding hair.
  • His eyes are very expressive.
  • He loves to kick and punch.
  • When we put him on his stomach instead of trying to roll over, now he just goes for his thumb.
  • He has much better head control.
  • He smiles a lot which means we see the dimple more.
  • He coos and screams and is starting to laugh.
  • I am starting to see more and more of his dad’s personality in him.
  • The most fun change is that he is recognizing our voices and is interacting with us more.

Michael is truly a blessing from God!!  We are so grateful that God chose him for us and that in His perfect timing he brought Michael into this world.  Happy Birthday Michael!!

Our little thug.

Last Saturday night Aaron and I ran the 5k at Midnight Madness in Ames along with Andy, Amanda and Joel.  Although it likely wasn’t the best time I have ever run a 5k in, it felt like the best race of my life.  For the first time ever Aaron decided to run the entire race with me.  As we approached the starting line Aaron told me we would start out easy and then pick it up the last stretch.  When he said we’d pick it up I figured that meant that about half-way through he would take off sprinting.  I was totally wrong.  Aaron coached me through the entire run, encouraging me to pick it up just a little bit every few minutes. 

I have terrible breathing when I’m running and Aaron routinely comments on it when we run together.  I’ve tried to change it but every attempt leaves me close to hyperventilating so I’ve just resigned myself to the fact that it’s not changing.  This time Aaron gave me the BEST tip ever and I was cured!  I’m not quite sure why he waited four years to give it to me.  I think he was afraid I would beat him and since I just had Michael 3 months ago he probably thought he was safe. 🙂 

As we neared the finish he told me to kick it in and we finished strong… together!!!  It was a lot of fun!  The only regret that I have is that I didn’t finish with my signature arm pump.  If any of you knew me back in junior high or high school you know what I’m talking about.  For those of you who missed out, sorry.  Maybe I’ll do a reenactment for another post.   

Here’s to my coach!!!  Thanks for a great run Babe!!!!


Aaron, me, Amanda (the newest Sage), Andy and Joel

The crazy guys decided to go run the 10k after we all got through with the 5k.  Loony toons!!

I’ve been trying to get this picture for a few weeks now!  After five tries on my phone today I finally got it!  In the afternoon Michael will usually fall asleep towards the end of his feeding.  This can be somewhat frustrating if you’re in a hurry.  However, frustration lasts only seconds when I say to a sleeping Michael, “wake up Michael, you need to eat,” and the above picture is his immediate response.  He totally knows he’s cute and flashes that grin at just the appropriate (or inappropriate) time!

Our friends the Reynolds welcomed their son Alexander into the world last Friday.  Michael is SO excited to meet his new little buddy!  CONGRATULATIONS Jason and Nicole!!  Welcome Alexander!!!

Check out the Schulz’s blog for the latest craziness going on in our Small Group!  There’s something in the Ankeny water!!

That’s no joke.  Take if from me, the one he got those long arms from… getting them to do what you want is no easy task!  I was in the church musical a few years ago and was casted as a dancer in a setting like the Lion King.  I watched the video afterwards and I looked more like a monkey runing around on stage than a graceful dancer.  I could probably get in the guiness book of world records for my “wing span”.

Lying under this toy has become one of Michael’s favorite things to do!  Today he spent 15 whole minutes under it!  15 minutes might not seem like a lot of time but getting him to do one thing for more than 5 minutes is an accomplishment.  We have his Dad to thank for that trait.

Click here for pictures and video from the Sage family vacation in Branson, MO.

Michelle turned 27 today, July 5. Friday night we celebrated by going out to eat with the Sage gang while we were in Branson. We were VERY fortunate (hope you’re picking up on the sarcasm) that Rebecca Dawn, a Branson legend (again, sarcasm) who happens to have the same name as my sister, just happened to be singing at the restaurant. We flagged her down to sing “Happy Birthday” to Michelle.

Check out the video below. Also, you’ll notice Rebecca handing the mic to my grandpa at the end of the song to bring it home.

Here is just one of many good reasons to have children…

This is Michael’s idea of a good day in Missouri on vacation with the Sage Family!  We’re having a great time and will be posting pictures from our week on the lake soon!