Melissa and I went to a Turbo Kick class last night and Todd graciously agreed to watch Michael for me.  Both Ella and Michael seemed in good spirits when we left… clean diapers, full tummies and well rested.  Earlier in the day they were best friends.  Ella was patting Michaels feet and they were holding hands.  We thought they might have a fun time together.  Unfortunately something went wrong and we returned to find poor Todd sitting on the couch holding crying Michael with Ella sitting next to him… also crying.  We’re not sure but we think Todd was crying as well just before we walked in. 

We think it safe to assume that Ella was a little upset that her Daddy was holding someone else and Michael…well, he was just plain cranky.  Unfortunately none of us thought to snap a picture but this photo should give you an idea of Michael’s and Ella’s feelings towards one another at that time.