I’ve decided to start writing about my experience as a new Mother. 

We were at my Mom’s house over Memorial Day weekend and I called myself a Mother in a conversation with someone and I was astonished at how normal it was to hear myself say it.  But at the same time the word seemed so different from the one I used to address MY Mother.  When I was a child I thought my Mom was the BEST (and I still do Mom!!)!!!  In her purse you could find anything you needed to survive for at least a week in the woods.  She could sew anything from an apron to a wedding dress.  If you wanted to make some sort of craft she had an idea and she could usually find everything you needed around the house.  She always knew which direction we were going and I only truly felt safe in a car when she was driving.  It seemed that she knew the answer to every question and somehow she could always relate it to the Gospel.  She could change a tire and the oil in a car and didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.  One of the most amazing things about my Mom is her relationship with the Lord.  She is a prayer warrior (in fact, my sister has people say to her… “can your Mom pray for ___ b/c I know it will be ok if she prays for it.”) and a woman of the Word. 

When I was a child I honestly thought that when I hit a certain age I would suddenly have a purse that had everything you could possibly think of in it.  I thought I’d know my directions (that came much later than I had hoped), I would have all the right answers. I would be able to change a tire (still not sure about that one) and I would know as many Bible verses as my Mom did.  Sadly, around high school (I’m a slow learner) I realized that my Mom had to work really hard to learn all of those things and that in order to be like her I too would have to work hard. 

All of that to say that as I think about my first 6 weeks of motherhood and the Michelle as Mother, it seems to me that there should be a separate name for a Mother like mine – a seasoned Mother, and a Mother like me – one with oh so much to learn.  I am still working on getting my son to eat, sleep and expel waste while still having time to shower and cook.  I’m not sure when I’ll get around to filling my purse and learning the right answer to every question.  So while it’s normal to say that I am Michael’s Mother, I feel more like a Mom on the bench of the Junior Varsity team while my Mom is the team captain of the Varsity team… the one that one the State Title.