Hi, my name is Aaron Michael Sage. Several people have asked my parents what name they should call me. Well, my dad’s name is Aaron, my mom’s sister’s name is Erin, and one my mom’s best friend’s name is Erin. While Aaron is undoubtedly a popular name, in order to avoid confusion, I think you should probably just call me Michael, Mikey, Aaron Michael, or Elmo (my parents say I’m really hairy, but what do I know; I’m only 3 days old).

Now that we have the name thing figured out, I’ll share with you a few facts about me, courtesy of the following: my Great Grandpa Sage, the Family Historian; my Aunt Bobbi, the family “Fun” representative; and, Pastor Tom, who married my mom and dad:

– I am a select and proud member of the 13th generation of Sages that arrived in the United States in 1652: David Sage born 1639, my 11 x great grandfather.

– I was born in the Chinese year of The Dog and on the same day as Suri Cruise.

– Lord willing, I’ll start kindergarten in 2013, be old enough to drive in 2024, graduate high school in 2026 and college in 2030, and be eligible to run for President in 2043, give or take a year.

– My first name means, “Bringer of Light”. My middle name (the name you’re supposed to call me) means “Who Is Like God”; it’s also my Grandpa Karhoff’s name.

Well, that’s a little bit about me. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you as soon as I can keep my eyes open for more than 10 minutes at a time.