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The Sage Crew got together on Sunday to celebrate Grandpa Ted’s __  (we better not say how many years) birthday.  Click here for pictures of the event.

Michael (right) got to hang out with his cousin Addison (left) at Grandpa Ted’s birthday lunch on Sunday.  Addison is almost exactly 10 weeks older than Michael.  Here are some other interesting facts about their births:

1. weight – Michael 6lb, 2oz; Addison 6lb, 4oz.

2. length – Michael 20″; Addison 20″

3. gestation – Michael 36 wks, 2 days; Addison 36 wks, 4 days 

4. jaundice: both had it

Friday, 4/25, was Michael’s 1 week birthday and his Aunt Erin’s 25th birthday. Happy Birthday to you two!

Michelle’s mom, Connie Nelson, has been here since Tuesday helping us get acclimated to parenthood. Her baby-handling skills and phenomenal cooking ability have been greatly appreciated!

maybe I should start sucking my thumb…

Yeah, I think I will.

Michelle & Michael

Here are some pictures from the last couple days:

Album 1 – Click here

Album 2 – Click here

Album 3 – Click here

…because I’m gaining weight and getting rid of my jaundice. Tuesday we had our first appointment with the pediatrician. Everything with Michael looked great. He weighed 6 lbs 1 oz, only 1 oz below his birth weight. The doctor said it typically takes up to 2 weeks for babies to get back to their birth weight, so Michael’s ahead of schedule.

The only minor issue was that his bilirubin level (related to jaundice) was a little higher than when we left the hospital. We had a follow-up appointment Wednesday to check his level; it was going down. No more check-ups until his 2 week appointment.
Life is good!

Taking after his mom and Grandpa Sage, Michael soaks up the sunlight (he’s not as concerned about getting tan as he is about getting rid of his jaundice).

Michael was pretty tired after all the fun and excitement of the Karhoff’s visit.

The Karhoffs drove down from Pocahontas today to pay us a visit:

Grandpa Mike & Grandma Rose

Great Grandma LaVonne & Great Grandpa Bob

Hi, my name is Aaron Michael Sage. Several people have asked my parents what name they should call me. Well, my dad’s name is Aaron, my mom’s sister’s name is Erin, and one my mom’s best friend’s name is Erin. While Aaron is undoubtedly a popular name, in order to avoid confusion, I think you should probably just call me Michael, Mikey, Aaron Michael, or Elmo (my parents say I’m really hairy, but what do I know; I’m only 3 days old).

Now that we have the name thing figured out, I’ll share with you a few facts about me, courtesy of the following: my Great Grandpa Sage, the Family Historian; my Aunt Bobbi, the family “Fun” representative; and, Pastor Tom, who married my mom and dad:

– I am a select and proud member of the 13th generation of Sages that arrived in the United States in 1652: David Sage born 1639, my 11 x great grandfather.

– I was born in the Chinese year of The Dog and on the same day as Suri Cruise.

– Lord willing, I’ll start kindergarten in 2013, be old enough to drive in 2024, graduate high school in 2026 and college in 2030, and be eligible to run for President in 2043, give or take a year.

– My first name means, “Bringer of Light”. My middle name (the name you’re supposed to call me) means “Who Is Like God”; it’s also my Grandpa Karhoff’s name.

Well, that’s a little bit about me. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you as soon as I can keep my eyes open for more than 10 minutes at a time.

We were released from the hospital at 12:15p on Sunday.  Five minutes after driving away we realized we had left 30 ml of “liquid gold” in the fridge in the hospital room, so we turned around and went back.  We’re home now and trying to get into the swing of things.

Around 9a today I performed my first, and hopefully last, diaper change on my son. Just kidding. I know this is the first of many I’ll have the privilege of changing. It really wasn’t too bad thanks to all the practice I had in the past changing my siblings. I’m also pretty proud to say that I beat Michelle to it. She hasn’t changed one yet.

Click HERE for a link to some pictures.

1.54p – Aaron Michael Sage is born – 6 lbs. 2oz. 

1.15p – Nurse just checked Michelle and she’s at 9.5cm.  She went from a 4 to 9.5 in about 1.5 hrs.  The nurse is predicting the baby to be born by 2.02p.   When I asked the nurse what caused Michelle to go so quickly she said, “Michelle’s just made to have babies”.

12.45p – just got the epidural and at 4cm

11.45a – They increased the pitosin dosage; contractions are about 2.5 minutes apart and intensifying

8.30a – After walking the halls for 30 minutes to try to speed up the process, Michelle got her IV and a dose of Pitocin.  She’s about 2 centimeters dialated with contractions about every 5 mins.  She’s now confined to her bed but still feeling great – lots of energy and excited for the marathon that lies ahead.

6.15a – We’re checked in, and Michelle got fitted with the ever-popular, never out-dated, backless hospital gown.

Michelle woke up at 3.45a today with a ‘dripping’ sensation.  Shortly thereafter she woke me up saying, ‘I think my water broke’.  While we waited to see if the ‘faucet’ would continue running, Michelle consulted her pregnancy book to diagnose her symptoms.  She had almost all the text books signs of her water breaking.  We then called the Mercy Nurse hotline.  After answering a series of questions, the nurse said we should go to the birthing center.  That’s where we are now.

We’ll try to keep you all posted on how things are progressing; however, if you’re anything like me – skip the details and get to the main point – you can just check back to the blog in the next day or two to see how it all turns out.

Although the baby is a few weeks early (Michelle’s due date is May 14), the nurses and doctor don’t seem too concerned.  In any case, we would appreciate your prayers for a safe and fast delivery and a perfectly healthy boy, if that’s God’s will.